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Nazareth College

A Nazareth Education: Distinctive and Relevant

A Nazareth education has four cornerstones that individually will engage and challenge you, and collectively will ready you for career success, engagement, and enduring satisfaction. An education for today’s world needs to:

· prepare you to be an expert in your field
· provide you with experiences that further your ability to think critically and communicate effectively
· challenge you to think from a cross-cultural & global perspective
· place you in experiences and internships that develop your career

We believe an education that does not engage you in these four areas is incomplete. A Nazareth education prepares you for the opportunities of today’s world that require being well educated in these four areas.

Campus & Community

In addition to academic excellence, Nazareth has one of the most attractive and livable campuses in the Northeast. We are situated in the vibrant village of Pittsford, N.Y., fewer than 10 miles from downtown Rochester, N.Y. — New York’s third-largest city.

Come see for yourself what others have commended as the ideal education for the 21st century.


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