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Richmond, The American International University in London, based in Kensington and Richmond upon Thames, offers students an international college experience and a U.S. and U.K. degree.

At Richmond, our motto is “University in Diversity.” With students enrolling from 60 + countries, Richmond truly offers a diverse campus community. Students can live in on-campus dorms or apartments. Housing is guaranteed for first-year students.

Richmond is a U.S. institution in London offering bachelors and masters degrees. All students are considered for merit-based scholarships during the application review process and the University accepts FAFSA.

Students can complete an international internship during their studies in England, China, South Africa or the U.S. (among other locations).

The key benefits that this private university offers, among others are, ample academic mentorship and teaching time, a strong focus on promoting international opportunities through a broad range of credit-based and integrated internships, and study abroad programs at our teaching centers in Florence and Rome, Italy.

Founded in 1972, the University has a proud heritage to provide students with a truly international experience.


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